Welcome to Northrend

The initiative is not a guild, it is an organisation; a collection of seperate guilds and individuals.
The point of this group is to create and share RP oportunities, events and ideas, creating guild alliances and supporting RP local to Northrend and the connecting areas.

In Character the initiative is simply an underlying link between guilds and people, with a few things like markets and other larger events, created to enhance RP for anyone involved.
Horde faction guilds would be welcome as well to create larger cross faction events, but they are of course not connected to the alliance of guilds.

The guilds involved so far:

This forum is here to help organise events, make alliances, to share ideas and give each other feedback. You can be a part of this as an individual or representing a guild or a group.
Everyone's welcome, as long as you're nice and polite (at least ooc). The guidelines can be found further down.

Current Aims:
  • Connecting existing guilds and organisations in Northrend, and welcome new people, making sure everyone's happy sharing the space.
  • Create links with Stormwind, getting trade routes set up and general correspondence to the main land - In the making! (thank you Semuel)
  • Set up projects and events, aiming to make Northrend more active as an RP location.
  • Encourage players to become "quest givers".

If you would like to help with any of this, or start something yourself, and need others, please post your ideas and thoughts on the forum, or whisper me (Dominique) or Semuel and we'll get started!

Important information


There are portal nodes established at Westguard and Valiance, for convenient and easy travel to other nodes, such as the mage tower in Stormwind. The portals are only accessible if you have an affinity for the arcane yourself, or if you can find another spellweaver.
The nodes are unstable for larger parties, unless stabilised.
Further information can be found here.

Quest Givers

If you are looking for RP in Valiance, chances to find any at the moment are quite high, but if you would like something more, we have a few players willing to give out quests to send you on little adventures, and create connections while doing so.

These are the people so far (in game names are written in Bold):

Astalán Edelbrecht Ebonstaff
Dominique Vida
Gaebriel of Sunshine
Georgine Iris Riverbend
Lieke Swiftblade
Rolánd Stonefield
Zofya Hawker


To be a part of the Northrend Initiative, will be like being part of a family. Not everyone gets along all the time, and that's okay. Please keep any personal issues to yourselves and try to be civil, but if you need help solving drama, feel free to message me (Dom), and I will see what I can do.

There is a marked difference between IC and OOC friction though.
We won't turn down thieves and spies and generally dislikable people IC, as long as you're respectful to others OOC. Please make sure everyone involved agrees to things like theft, and if you're generally rude IC, it'd be good to send a whisper and make sure you're not offending anyone OOC.

I personally think it adds some realism to have some well played "bad guys", but I cannot stress enough the importance of being considerate.

All we ask for is a bit of common sense and logic.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
You can reach me here, or in game on Dominique, Domerie or Riverbend.
Or you can whisper Semuel of the Shield of Light.

Hope to see you soon.
- Dom